Contemporary Dance Workshop / Instructor: Vicky Angelidou

Dancing outside breaks the normalities of life

For the first part we explore what we are able to do in public space through a highly physical work and specific tasks. We transform the space as we transform ourselves. For the second part we explore architecture, sound and other elements of the public space. For the third part we practice group awareness, communication and interconnection trying at the same time to stay connected with our personal movement and space. The main questions are: How do we perceive public space? How can bodies illuminate different aspects of it or overturn others? How do we embody the past of space? Can dance talk about space, time and people?

We learn:

  1. To move with a high technical level in outside locations.
  2. To build strong group awareness, listening, following and leading each other co-imagination and co-creation.
  3. To build a strong presence in public space.

Other objectives:

  1. connecting with residents,
  2. opening up the art of dance in the city,
  3. opening up the city to dancers,
  4. connecting to the history of the place,
  5. intervening in a neglected place.

The workshop is open to artists who are interested in discovering and creating public space (professionals and amateurs). It is necessary to be familiar with physical expression.


Minimum 8h (2days of 4 hours each) - Maximum 20h (5days of 4h each)