Vicky Angelidou


Tizo All, Myriam Sofia Artzanidou, Alessio Bagiardi, Yiouli Beltsou, Nefeli Benou, Lucia Bocanegra, Bas Bonhof, Sotiria Boutsi, Ioanna Digenaki, Muriel Dontaine, Charlotte Elvin, Anna Filipou, Joanna Gruntkowska, Martina Gunkel, Julie Havelund-Willett, Vasiliki Kapetanaki, Eleni Laki, Alberto Martinez, Antonis Nakos, Anna Riley-Shepard, Cinzia Robbiati, Rafaelia Sismanoglou, Veronique Slegten, Margret Schutz, IoustiniVagia, Outi Elena Valanto, Anna Semenova, Ana Diaz Tirado, Antigoni Tsoli, Kallida Zachopoulou, Marianthi Zambou


Dean Mavridis

Nikos Iatridis, Xavier Geerman, Giorgos Kalamakis, Kyriakos Papakyriakou, Dimitris Papavasileiou, Thanos Sakelaridis, Eytixis Vitorakis, Sokrates Votskos, Valentine

Niels Bazelmans, Bas Bonhof, Sonia Kehagia, Dimitris Manousiakis, Dean Mavridis


Greg Agiannidis, Milena Desse, Dimitris Manousiakis

Music Composition for video teaser: David Lynch “Name me as you like”


Jan Staes, Hanna-Lina Hutzfeldt, Saphia Loizeau, Meldy Ijpelaar and to all participants, known and unknown, random and friends.

Performed in

Navarinou sq., November 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece

Place de la Bourse, December 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Pieter Vreedeplein, March 2018, Tilburg, Netherlands

Stadspark Oude Dijk, May 2018, Tilburg, Netherlands

Move the Public Space / Games

Chaos in ancient Greek philosophy was sometimes said to be the true foundation of reality. An act of great value is to transfer art to the streets, to turn cities into real interaction vectors, to transform ourselves into children again, and to put side by side imagination and reality.

Eventually We Smile through Chaos

What games did you use to play as a child? Can we meet each other and play together?

This project is combining Games with Performance. Inside the unpredictability of public spaces, we play games as we dance, or we dance as we play games. Inside the normal way of being in public spaces, we bring some chaos, or … is it the other way around? Public space is already chaotic and we just smile on it! we think is of great value: transferring art to the streets, turning cities into real interaction vectors and transforming ourselves into children again.

This project traveled in various cities, such as Thessaloniki (Greece), Brussels (Belgium) and Tilburg (Netherlands), and explored different cultural elements and how those influence the work. The intention of the project is to continue to work in an intercultural way, trying to define the differences and the similarities between people and cultures, and how much playing can connect us.

*This project started as a movement research within the frame of the Master’s program Performing Public Space.