Dance classes were always an essential meeting point for people to move together, and there is a way to bring this element to the online situation. The space we dance inside is a force we have to be aware of and at the same time is being influenced by our dancing body.

Group Composition
The dancers are in constant interaction with each other, while at the same time they are fully aware of their weight, center and gravity forces.
The group element is one of the most interesting and complex tool in composing.
Constellations and group compositions are also a challenging thing to do in an online environment.
We will go for it!

Field theory
The field is a whole whose parts are in direct relation and interaction with each other. The parts of a field change depending on the relationship between them. As we dance in any given space, we change it and it changes us back. We are going to play with this quality of space shaping our movement and us shaping space back.

Perspective – The eye
Both as movers and as watchers we have a perspective, a point of view, an eye, that defines both what we see and also how we dance.

We play with those different perspectives:

  • Towards our space (room)
  • Towards the space of the other (the other room)
  • Towards the common room (zoom).


This is an interactive class. We will constantly be connected. Therefore, it is important to
have mic, camera and a steady internet connection.

Zoom and Room.

April - May 2021

Monday and Thursday
16.00-18.00 CET
(or 17.00-19.00 greek time)

26, 29 April
3, 6, 10, 12, 17, 20 May


10€/class or 65€/all 8 classes
5€/class or 40€/all 8 classes for previous students of my workshops

To register, send your name and dates that you want to follow the classes