Closed Eyes Movement

Contemporary Dance Workshop

A workshop that helps explore the inner movement and the kinesthetic intelligence.

This is a dance/movement workshop for visually impaired or blindfolded participants. We expand:


1. Personal technique: balance, transition in space, listening to our body, spatial orientation, grounding.

2. Bodies in relation: Connection, acceptance, transition in space in contact.

3. Space: Recognition and inspiration from the sounds and sensations of the
environment around us.


Dancing without seeing is extremely difficult, as we lose many of our abilities, such as balance, orientation, confidence in ourselves and the environment. However, the more we practice, the more we discover new ways of moving and recognizing the environment. We also realize that moving with our eyes closed connects us with our kinesthetic ability, allowing us to evolve it rapidly. Through intense guidance we will challenge ourselves and extend our boundaries.


The workshop will close with a walk in the city with closed eyes.


This workshop is suitable for dancers with or without vision problems.


Can be either short (3-6 hours) or long (15 hours)