The square


Concept/Choreography/Dramatourgy: Vicky Angelidou
Performers: Mantalena Karavatou, Giannis Theologitis, Evangelia Sakali, Savvina Romanou, Nikoleta Kifonidou, Amalia – Daphne Giovanopoulou
Music Composition: David Lynch
Historical Research: Dean Mavridis
Interview/Special Thanks: Vasilis Agrafiotis / Takadum

Performed in

Pocket Dance Festival, September 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece

Duration: 20′

The square

September 2019, Thessaloniki

A public space performance that took place at Emporiou Square, Thessaloniki, Greece and it was the result of a historical and photographic research, as well as the result of an interview of Mr. Vassilis Agrafiotis, a shop owner and sole resident in the area.

This performance wanted to answer to the following questions:
What does Emporiou Square mean to us? What does memory create in the dancers' bodies? How can we imprint the past and how can we improvise the future? Can dance talk about space and time?

The dramaturgy of the performance was based on the interview, which also became part of the voice over of the performance. A small photo exhibition, created by the historian Dean Mavridis was also on site.

The dancers were participants of a workshop that took place before the performance.