Flight to the Past

This work is based on the autobiographical writings of a woman and it deals with love, death and a
human being's effort to carry on with her life in company with the void another human being's loss
leaves behind.

Common feelings that any person can experience in his life, seen through the personal lens of a
woman, her daughter and most of all, through the tremendous impact that this charismatic man left
in both their lives.



Based on the autobiographical notes of Marianna Zisi, "Life is a Journey"

Choreography: Vicky Angelidou

Dancers: Alexandra Tsotanidou, Vicky Angelidou, Marianthi Mota

Music Editing: Thanasis Gamarazis

Set Decoration: Dean Mavridis, Sophia Nikolaidou

Camera: John Karidas, Dean Mavridis

Photographs: Maria Kouiroukidou

Technical assistance – Lighting: George Biros

Post Production: Greg Agiannidis