March 2017 - Thessaloniki

Crush is a performance that explores humans inside the contemporary civilisation. How cities transform us, alienating us, and crush our emotional and spiritual self. Inside the reality of crush, there is a desire for freedom and those two states are fighting each other. Which one is going to prevail? Are we going to remain in between those two states forever? Three performers, each one in her own world, accompanied with a specific set up, are living inside the constant interchange of those two states, the state of reality and the state of freedom and connection.


Choreography: Vicky Angelidou

Performers: Despina Kioumourtzidi, Irene Thanasouli, Vicky Angelidou

Music Composition: Kolida Babo Duet, Join the Moog

Music editing: Sokratis Votskos

Set & Costumes: Sonia Kehagia

Body painting: Sonia Kehagia, Dean Mavridis

Video Projection: Dimitris Manousiakis

Performed in

Die Wolk Art Group, April 2017, Thessaloniki (With Performer: Vasiliki Kapetanaki)

To diko mou Festival, June 2017, Thessaloniki

PK Festival, July 2017, Athens