January 2016 - Thessaloniki

A performance that focuses on the relation between 2 women, strangers to each other, each in her own room. A need to look outside of the “window” and meet the other brings them together, but soon this will end up to a fight. Like most of our relationships, this one will also sink because of the contemporary egocentrism of people and our inability to be resilient. The title is completely ironic, and the example of the two women cancels it.


Choreography & Performance: Vicky Angelidou, Despina Kioumourtzidi

Idea, Lights, Photo: Nefeli Ntakozoudi

Set & Costumes: Sonia Kehagia, Antigoni Tsoli

Video: Dimitris Manousiakis

Performed in

To diko mou Festival, June 2016, Thessaloniki

15th Choreographers Dance Festival, June 2016, Thessaloniki

Theater Kefallinias str., January 2017, Athens