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L.O.V.E. is a dance performance on the connection of speech and body, focusing on the translation of couples’ interviews into choreography and movement. The project draws from psychology, researching the deeper meanings behind the concept of love and the ways feelings conveyed in speech can be reflected into movement, to mirror and reproduce expressive encounters.

All participants involved in the project come from the city of Tilburg, the choice aiming at creating an inclusive space where local citizens, professional dancers and artists will actively contribute to the produced work. The public space setting as a stage is meant to open creativity and free expression to a wider and more diverse audience while activating the city.


The basis of L.O.V.E., the love stories recorded, is found in true love stories of people living in Tilburg. Interviews with volunteer couples were recorded before the rehearsal period, during the ‘transcription, research and dramaturgy’ phase. The couples are all of different ages, nationalities and genders. The final four stories selected provide the text on which the final dance composition is based on and create a soundscape framing dancers’ movement. During the rehearsal phase, dancers are asked to connect to these stories and each other, embodying the expressed feelings and aesthetics of love

During the final performance, set at the colorful Wingerdhoek street in the center of Tilburg, performers and audience will navigate a certain route, in which different couples will dance four different love stories. The intimate performances will be framed by a sound composition featuring the words of interviewed couples.

L.O.V.E. is supported by Makersfonds/Kunstloc and Makershuis Tilburg | Special thanks to Dans Brabant and Performing Public Space.


Texts: Interviews with couples who wish to remain anonymous

Choreography: Vicky Angelidou

Original Music-Sound Design: Xavier Geerman

Sets-Costumes-Lighting: Yda Sinay

Production Organization & Execution: Xenia Tsompanidou

Visual Material: Niels Bazelmans


Dancers: Marcel van Beijnen, Isaac Butler, Lunella Cherchi, Ines Dominguez del Corral, Elysia Mc Mullen, Martijn Schipper, Kelly Vanneste