Tilburg – The Greek choreographer Vicky Angelidou gives the visually impaired a voice with two unique performances in the Cenakel. With sound fragments from interviews with blind and visually impaired people Angelidou tries to answer the question: what can they see that the rest of us don’t?

Visually impaired people are often invisible to us, because we tend to live in closed circles.
But opening up to their experience will help us immerse into a wisdom that stems from looking at the world from a different perspective. That’s why Angelidou made this
performance, ‘A Day in the Darkness.’ She did research into this experience and now offers the audience a special opportunity to discover it themselves.

Every twenty minutes, four visitors get the chance to experience the performance one-on-one with a dancer. They are connected through elastic bands and experience the movement through their other senses, like feeling and hearing. This experience is also available to visually impaired audience members. Visitors with full vision will be blindfolded and are invited to ‘take a look’ into the world of the visually impaired. For audience members that also want to experience the performance in a ‘normal’ way, or are uncomfortable with a blindfold, there is the option to do so.

A Day in the Darkness can be experienced on the 24 th and 31 st of October, between 12:30 and 17:30 PM. Only 12 tickets per time slot are available, and only 4 for blindfolded and Visually impaired visitors. Priority will be given to visually impaired audience.

During this event all RIVM guidelines will be followed. Face masks are not mandatory at this event.

A Day in the Darkness

Dance performance lets audience experience blindness

Saturday 24th & 31st October 2020, 12.30 - 17.30

Concept & Choreography Vicky Angelidou
Composer, Live Music Xavier Geerman
Performers Marcel van Beijnen, Martina Gunkel, Evangelia Kolyra, Tessa Wouters
Production/Communication/PR Vincent De Raad
Costumes and Set design Yda Sinay
Dramaturgy Advice LisaReinheimer
Poster Design Kasper de Vries

Makersfond Tilburg, Makershuis Tilburg, Cenakel, Ateliers Tilburg, Theaters Tilburg