Online Support Team

February - June 2021

The members of the group bring to the fore the issues that concern them, and through the process and the support of the members and the coordinator they find the ways to get in touch with the important things of their life.

Our ability to change goes through the focus on our experiences, feelings and thoughts. We become aware of the transience and subjectivity of our existence. We realize the power of personal choice.

The process mainly contains dialogue and emphasizes the ways we speak and listen to others. In addition, experiential motor and breathing exercises are included, with the aim of relaxing and opening the senses.


Limited places: 5-8 participants

COORDINATION: Vicky Angelidou, Psychologist graduate of AUTh, Currently Trainning in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Graduate of Professional Dance School of the Ministry of Culture, Thessaloniki, Greece, Master in Performing Public Spaces, in Fontys, the Netherlands. She works as a Choreographer, Instructor of Contemporary Dance and Improvisation and as a Performer.

She coordinates groups and workshops that combine dance, voice and kinaesthetic self- awareness. She works on artistic research, improvisation on stage, dance in public spaces, through productions that have been presented at various festivals, conferences and venues in Greece and abroad. Her orientation mainly concerns the connection of art with various social issues and with excluded groups, a fact that results from her effortless love for humanity.

February - June 2021

Start: Wednesday 17/2 18.30-21.00
Frequency: every 15 days
Exact Dates: 17/2, 3/3, 17/3, 31/3, 14/4, 28/4, 12/5, 26/5, 9/6, 23/6

Online, via zoom link.

€ 60 / month
€ 30 / month (students / unemployed)